One of the benefits of using the Rooster Card to manage pocket money with your kids is that they can make online purchases, whilst you have oversight. We all know that kids are increasingly wanting to buy things online rather than at the shops. Whether it’s buying something from Amazon, purchasing some Roblox credits or selling unwanted toys on Ebay, online payments are here to stay and giving our children the right skills to navigate this safely is important. Every family is different in terms of when they will choose to introduce online spending permissions into their pocket money routine. Whenever you choose is right for you, the tips below should help. In this article we take a look at how to use the Rooster Card with the PlayStation Network (PSN).

In this article we take a look at how to use the Rooster Card with the PlayStation Network (PSN).

  • What is the PlayStation Network
  • Buying things with the PlayStation Network
  • Using the PlayStation Network with RoosterMoney
    • For Virtual Tracker users
    • For Rooster Card users
  • Using Family settings on the PlayStation Network

What is the PlayStation Network

A PlayStation Network (PSN) account is what you use to access Sony PlayStation’s services, such as being able to play games online with friends and family (through a PlayStation PLUS subscription), make purchases through the PlayStation Store and to be able to access TV, movies and music via your PlayStation.

Buying things with the PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network Account can be used in the online PlayStation Store to buy and download the latest games direct to your PlayStation. The PlayStation Store is available on console, PC/Mac and mobile – this means you can make a purchase and get the game downloaded to your PS4 remotely – your game might even be downloaded by the time the chores are done!

You can either purchase games directly from the online store by connecting your PlayStation Network account to a payment method, such as a debit card(e.g. the Rooster Card). Alternatively you can top up your PlayStation Network Wallet as and when you need it, using  your payment card or by purchasing top-up cards in stores – and then use the funds in the PSN Wallet to make your purchases.

Using the PlayStation Network with RoosterMoney

For Virtual Tracker Users

For those using our virtual tracker, like anything else you want to buy for your child, you can make the purchase outside of the RoosterMoney app and simply deduct the monies spent from their virtual tracker account via the Remove function in the app. Add a reason for the remove, and you and your child can track purchases over time. 

For Rooster Card Users

For Rooster Card users you could just do exactly the same as virtual tracker users do, i.e  purchase the item yourself and deduct the money via a Remove. But you’ll be deducting real money as opposed to virtual money from your RoosterMoney app. 

If you are ready to give your kids a bit more independence with their own Rooster Card you can add their Rooster Card directly to the PlayStation Network Account and let them make purchases with any funds they have directly.

Using the Family Settings within PlayStation Network

To add that extra layer of control you can enable the family content permissions within your PlayStation Network account. Which combined with the spending limits available on the Rooster Card give you great control over your child’s spending.

The Family Settings on your child’s PlayStation Network account allows you to set optional restrictions. These include being able to limit playing online with others, setting an age rating level so you can limit their access to games aimed at older children/adults, and the ability to disable the use of the web browser. You can read more about the parental controls on the PlayStation Network here.

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