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How to stay safe online this summer

We might have stayed safely indoors for the past few months, but scammers have found ways to reach us over the pandemic. Here’s a few tips to help you stay safe online this summer



RoosterMoney Family Stories: Meet the Knibbs

Mel Knibb lives in the English countryside with her children Crevette (12), Beanie (10), Jumpy (8), and Wriggly (6). They’ve been using RoosterMoney for years, and found it’s a great way to deal with money and financial literacy.


Out and About Guide

Ready to take kids on camping trips, to zoos and museums, and on vacation again? Here’s a few financial tips to help you ease into another summer

Introducing #RoosterFirsts

Celebrate those special ‘first’ milestones with RoosterMoney?? We’ve put together a series of challenges & prizes to cheer parents & kids on through those all important firsts.


New Year, New Allowance Routine

New Year, New Start – and a great time to introduce a new allowance routine. Allowance is a brilliant way to help your children learn about managing money. It can kick start conversations about budgeting, saving and working for rewards.

A Parent’s Guide to Fortnite Game

From in-app purchases to child safety, here’s RoosterMoney’s parent guide to Fortnite, including parental controls and ways to limit your child’s spending

Molife family story 503 411

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Molife Family

Elizabeth uses RoosterMoney with her two kids (Christopher, 13 & Emmanuel, 10) to help manage their pocket money, spending and chores routine. Here they share some wisdom on how you might be able to get the most out of Rooster for your family.

Wild Family 503 411

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Wild Family

Katy & Rob Todd-Wild use RoosterMoney with their three kids (Alex, 8, Sophia, 8 & Jake, 4) to help manage their pocket money and chores routine. Here they share some wisdom on how you might be able to get the most out of Rooster for your family.

RoosterMoney during Covid-19

We’re glad to say we’re still fully operational during this time. In fact, with many of us spending more time at home, we feel our mission is now more important than ever.

Screen time Large

Managing screen time for your children

Many parents worry about how much time their children should spend staring at screens. Nowadays, we’re surrounded by televisions, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and computers. Here’s some help on how to manage it all.


Ways to save money for your family

We know saving for your children is high on many parent’s list of priorities and can become stressful when you think of all the things you would like to help your little ones with. So here’s a few tips to get you started.

Rooster Hero: Santa Claus

This month we spoke to Santa Claus 🎅! Santa is the CEO of Christmas Co. located in the North Pole. With the help of Mrs. Claus, the elves and their reindeer, they’re in the business of bringing cheer during the holiday season every year.

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Top 5 Ways to Teach Kids Coding

Liane Katz is the founder of MAMA.Codes, a mum and entrepreneur and specialist in teaching children to code. ——— As the world becomes increasingly digitally focused, we need to ensure that children are part of the digital conversation. The rise of Artificial Intelligence which is now being incorporated into robots is potentially both exciting and […]

Rooster Hero: Nadia Bentoua

Our ‘Rooster Heroes’ series brings you financial experts from all over the world, asking them 10 quick fire questions on all things pocket money and allowances – so you learn from the best. They’re all leaders in their field, and they’re all people we at RoosterMoney admire. This month we spoke to Nadia Bentoua. Nadia […]

Ted Talks For Kids

All of us at RoosterHQ enjoy a good Ted Talk. They’re short, insightful and a lot of the time, they’re funny and entertaining too! We also think they provide some great ‘kidspiration’! So here’s our favourite Ted Talks for Kids. From engaging ways to get children into engineering, to the small questions asked that can […]